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Beta July 2014
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Hello, this is gravit:
Your new best Design Tool

Let me introduce gravit: an easy to handle but powerful app for web and print designs. Built to provide a fluid, fast and flexible way to realise all your creative ideas. Simply a perfect tool for the professional designers of today.

»A tool meeting the Designer’s requirements of today. 100% Free. 100% Functional.«

Alexander Adam, CEO and founder of Quasado

Gravit’s unique user interface and smart functionality offers great flexibility while being easy and intuitive. Get the right tool only in the context it is used in and see things working just the way you expect.
Gravit is your cockpit for professional print and web design. Either do pixel-perfect screen designs or create extensive print ready layouts using CMYK colors and multiple pages.
Based on a scalable environment, gravit grows with your needs. Efficient workflow and smooth data exchange gives your design development highest security and flexibility.
Gravit’s awesome path and shape tools allows you to quickly create designs only limited by your imagination. Save precious time with useful styling attributes and powerful effects.